1. A well for Dr. Mose’s new school building which cost $2700.00.
  2. Funds for material for the renovation and repair of a church and school damaged in a 2015 hurricane. The remaining funds needed are approximately $5000.00. We have a team of carpenters going the first of April to do the work.
  3. The renovation and repair of a church in Nepal damaged in the April 2015 earthquake. The cost of this project is $5000.00.
  4.  The construction of a new school building for the kids in the mountains of Uganda near the Congo border.  The cost is $3000.00.
  5. We are trying to raise funds for the construction of the first house on the new property that will one day be home of David Livingston Institute of Medical Missions (DLIMM). We are also going to need voluntary workers that can help clear some of the property and to help build the house. We will need approximately $40,000.00 to get all of the initial phase completed.